Team Calendar

This is a Google Calendar. To add or modify events in this calendar, you have three options.

  • Option 1 - Login to the Google Account where this calendar is located and make changes from there. The username is projecteverymart and the password is yoshi1991 (Yoshi debuted in Super Mario World, a launch title for the SNES, in 1991).
  • Option 2 - If you have a Google account, you can add this calendar to your calendar list by logging into the projecteverymart account and adding your Gmail address to the shared list on the calendar settings.
  • Option 3 - Send an e-mail to moc.liamg|tramyrevetcejorp#moc.liamg|tramyrevetcejorp with details about the changes you would like made. Use Calendar Update as the subject line.

NOTE: For each event involving a meeting, official invites will be sent out. The invites will be directed at the individuals most required to accomplish the goals of the meeting. You do not need an invite to attend any meeting in the schedule. If you see a meeting on the calendar and would like to listen in or even contribute, please feel welcome to do so. Our meeting policy will be entirely open-door.

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