Conference Calls

Using Skype

To make free conference calls over a VOIP based service, we use Skype. All Skype-to-Skype calls are 100% free at the time of this writing. If you don't need more than 10 people in your call, then we can simply use the built in Skype conferencing feature. If the call requires an attendance of 11 or more people (up to 100), we can use a Skypecast. In both cases you will need to follow the instructions on our wiki Skype page and have Skype installed with an active Skype account.

NOTE: Make sure you check for updates regularly. The Skypecast features are especially sensitive to updates since Skypecast is, at the time of this writing, in beta testing stage.

Skype Guest

Skype Call 10 people or less

  • get your headset plugged in and on your head
  • login to Skype
  • set your status to Online
  • if you are late, send a short message to the host
  • the host will Skype call you


  • login to Skype
  • set your status to Online
  • if you are late, send a short message to the host that you are online
  • the host will send send a message to you with a link the the Skypecast
  • click on the link or copy and past it into browser
  • input your Skype username and password
  • join the Skypecast

Skype Host

Skype Call 10 people or less

  • login to Skype
  • got to the Call menu at the top and select Start conference call…
  • on the new screen, add the contacts you want to include in the call and click on Start
  • you can also add more people to the call once the call is started by clicking on the Add Callers button

Skype Call with 11 people or more

  • go HERE and click on the Create a Skypecast link
  • login with your Skype login name and password
  • go through the form to create your Skypecast
    • be sure to select hidden instead of public
    • set the start time or make it start right away
    • be sure to set an appropriate durration for your Skypecast
  • once your Skypecast is created, you will be given a link in a text box that you can copy and past into an e-mail or IM to anyone you want to join

WARNING: There can potentially be some pretty questionable content in the form of images and descriptive text on the main page to create the Skypecast. I have no doubts that anyone on this team is mature enough to handle it. I just want to give you the warning so that you don't accidentally flash and innocent youngster who might be watching over your shoulder. The images are very small, but not too small to tell what you are looking at in a glance.

Skype features

  • Easy 10 person calls
  • Can call a mobile phone or landline at a low 2 cents per minute
  • Skypecasts allow for up to 100 people in a call
  • voice seems to be crystal clear
  • no complicated settings to deal with
  • Skype-to-Skype calling is free
  • Many useful extras like a Yugma plug-in

Required Equipment

  • Windows PC
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Headset or mic & speakers

Using Basement Ventures

To make telephone based conference calls we can use a free service called The Basement Ventures. With this service we can enter into a conference call without any special equipment. To use the service you simply dial the number listed below and input the bridge number when prompted.

NOTE: Using this service will charge you long distance fees on your phone bill. Only use it if it is absolutely needed. The conference service is free, but the call is not.

Calling information

Dial-in number: 1-218-486-1300
Bridge number: 717571

Moderator pin: 4572 (only used by the one hosting the call)

Service features

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