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Media Reviews
Give reviews on games or movies. This is a great way to promote ideas and also to avoid pitfalls that other developers have fallen into.
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Review games you've played recently or take a stroll down memory lane and point out some of the best and worst moments of your past gaming experiences.
22by wiredscottywiredscotty
22 Mar 2008 21:17Jump!
A good adventure game is much like an interactive movie. Watch some movies and comment on the stories. What pulled you in? What kept you interested? Were there holes in the plot? Was the end predictable? Stuff like that.
11by bertincbertinc
19 Mar 2008 16:03Jump!
Game Design - General
Use this group for game design threads.
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Post threads here about the overall story of our game. The story ideas will play a huge roll in the mechanics of the game.
711by rosspalmerrosspalmer
08 Apr 2008 02:58Jump!
Discuss what you imagine the gameplay should be like.
79by bertincbertinc
03 Apr 2008 16:29Jump!
Discuss mini-game ideas.
27by RajixRajix
03 Jan 2008 11:37Jump!
Normally this would include gameplay, but lets just use this category for dealing with things like health, equipment, upgrades, and other resources.
46by rosspalmerrosspalmer
14 Mar 2008 06:52Jump!
The Company
Use this group to discuss the business.
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Post your opinions on keeping the option for profit on our first game open.
11by bertincbertinc
16 Feb 2008 02:52Jump!
What do we call it?
710by bertincbertinc
16 Feb 2008 03:36Jump!
Development Tools
This group is for the discussion of our chosen development tools and any tools that might be proposed for use.
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Discussion of the XNA development studio. Post your experiences and findings. Post questions.
This category is specifically to discuss the C# language.
Discuss the use of Subversion. Ask questions. Maybe post your experiences.
12by bertincbertinc
16 Feb 2008 03:47Jump!
Artist Tools
This group is for discussions about the tools used for the artwork in the game.
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Discuss tools for creating 3D content.
Discuss tools for creating 2D content.
Game Design - Art Perspective
This group is to discuss the game design from a art perspective (i.e. interface design)
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Discussion on the game interface or look-and-feel
Do we go with a bright and colorful cartoon look? Do we go with dark environments?
12by bertincbertinc
16 Feb 2008 03:46Jump!
Game Dev Research
If you notice something about a game you are playing or you try a demo that had some feature or event that you feel may be significant to the team or anything else related to what is going on in the game dev industry, post it here.
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Use this category to post thoughts on independent game developments, developers, and events.
11by bertincbertinc
16 Feb 2008 03:54Jump!
A physics engine introduces some new feature, a game engine is released, some new piece of hardware comes to the masses, etc...
11by popepope
06 Mar 2008 21:37Jump!
If you are playing a game and you notice something really cool that makes you say, "Holy crap!!!", post it hear so the team can read about it.

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