20080119 Call Minutes (All)

This meeting was held on January 19th, 2008:

Agenda and Meeting Notes:

  • Review of Playing Widely gamers gathering on January 11th, 2008 - Rob Rallison
    • Make sure you step outside of your usual gaming habits on occasion
    • As you play games, consider what makes them fun or memorable or replayable
    • We will Play Widely as a team again in February
  • Naming the Company discussion - Scott Moore
    • Scott will take ideas and opinions into account and give our company a name and logo
    • Possibly incorporate something in the name or logo that says something about our roots?
    • Send ideas to Scott through e-mail or post ideas on the wiki forum
  • Year-at-a-glance - Rob Rallison
    • Enlarge the artist team and begin design process within the first week of February
    • List out productions milestones to start production in April
    • Finish Production in January of 2009 and start smoothing out the rough edges
    • Finished product done at the end of February 2009
  • Structuring the company - Doug Palmer
    • Business Director/CEO/HR responsibilities handled by Doug Palmer
    • Art/Marketing Director responsibilities handled by Scott Moore
    • Programming Director/CTO responsibilities handled by Rob Rallison
  • Closing Comments
    • Be prepared for game production activities to increase dramatically over the next few weeks
    • To accomplish our goals and maintain a schedule, we will all need to quicken our response times

Action Items:

  • Prepare flyer/ad to attract art students - Scott M.
  • Contact old Professor about art students - Scott M.
  • Add calendar events for rough design and production dates throughout the year - Rob, Doug
  • Create company name and logo - Scott M.
  • Start programmer milestones list - Rob
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