20080202 Call Minutes (All)

Story Line Ideas:

Basic ideas about the type of store:
  • Hero has friend that is captured by store. -Doug
  • Someone is killed? And is a ghost. -Rob
  • Bed bath and BEYOND. Beyond being a crazy place. Marc
  • Zombies? A cult department. –Marc
  • I was thinking maybe a person applying for a job at Everymart ends up finding out an underlying conspiracy and having to fight against it. –Marc
  • Shape shifting, helping kids find parents.
How does our character get powers?
  • Mega man, beating a boss takes his power. -Marc
  • Truck crash spilling goo on you that makes you a shape shifter. –Whitney
  • Everymart waste. Polluting the environment. -Marc
  • Pool of stuff in the bathroom? -Scott
    • Getting out of the bath room without touching the anything
What is our character fighting against?
  • Everymart zombifies/ entrances the customers to come back.
    • Zombies FTW -Marc
  • Subliminal messagery -Marc
  • In the Everymart "muzak" (music) -Marc
  • or maybe on the tv screens they have hanging -Marc
  • their food is laced with drugs… addictive drugs -Marc
  • Maybe you go home and realize you are mutated and then come back to complain to management only to find that he is in the middle of brainwashing -Marc
  • Your mutation is that you can see and hear the subliminal info – Rob/Whitney.
Misc Possibilities:
  • Buy things?
    • What is the currency?
    • Coupon machines?
Wait - who is our hero?!
  • Scope:
    • Teenager / College Student / Adult
    • Boy / Girl
    • Bum
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