20080209 Call Minutes (All)

Quick Reminder

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Story Line Ideas

Act 1

  • Byronic hero
  • Have a purpose to go to the store.
  • Going to the restroom?
  • Employees pouring sludge down the drain
  • Sludge from the drain backs up in the toilet that you are using and sprays you.
  • You drive home
  • Come back the next day to return milk because it tastes bad?
  • Complaining at the customer service desk nobody is there.
  • In a long line at customer service that
  • You walk around to find help in the back and see the other person that was in the restroom at the same time as you being harassed by employees because he has the same problems as you?
  • Or he is taken out of line and given “complimentary stuff”
  • Different levels of management have more knowledge of the conspiracy.
  • Your goal is to shut down the subliminal messaging in the different departments.

Act 2 you have employees pursuing you

  • Learning more about your powers…
  • Old guy chased you to give you a sticker for the return.
  • Meet up with guy from customer service line.

Act 3 you have employees pursuing you

  • You are going to free all of the customers and reveal the conspiracy.
  • Big boss guy stops you from letting everyone know.

Coming Up Next Meeting:

  • You can get ANYTHING and EVERYTHING at everymart.
  • Next week a little more detail into the story, maybe some game play.
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