Meeting Minutes by Date

Meeting minutes are posted to separate pages and organized in this list by date starting with the most recent meeting. To keep things from getting out of hand, we will only keep meeting minutes linked from this page that are up to a year old.

NOTE: When adding a meeting minutes page always use the below naming convention
yyyymmdd:type:minutes:attendees (i.e. 20080119callminutesall)
minutes = refers to the fact that the page is a meeting minutes outline
type = call (conference call), person (in-person)
attendees = all (everyone), prog (programmers), art (artists), man (managers)

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Meeting Minutes Date Type
Looking Ahead / Business Matters January 19th, 2008 Conference Call (all)
Management Priorities January 26th, 2008 Conference Call (man)
Basic Ideas About Story February 2nd, 2008 Conference Call (all)
Game Design February 9th, 2008 Conference Call (all)
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