Whitney's PlayAround

This is My PlayAround. I feel everyone should have one!

I am just trying to learn how to do some things and become more familiar with editing/creating pages.
For my first little code snippet, I shall add…

Let's PlayAround!

All right! My to-do list list fixed. No more erasing what's on my list every time I refresh.

A TO-DO LIST! dun dun dun!

Here I am just showing myself that I can do columns!


Gallery doesn't upload images from other pages properly. Not supposed to use URL.
So I am creating my own gallery! :)

Rajix Mardaque Neo_1 Clayton Reeves wiredscotty
Ninja Scott bertinc Doug Palmer Phynos pope
alex86 ElroyPhoton Kamris_Ajelico sgtBENFuzzles

Finished with the columns…

I will deal with this later:

I am trying to understand and possibly use CSS stuff… heh..

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