Story Draft

Character Bios:

  • Mr. Every - The founder and President of Every-Mart. Mr. Every dreamed of providing the ultimate service to shoppers by building a store with everything a person could need or want at low prices. He is a happy guy, but at times his happy attitude mislabels him as a little odd. He spends a great amount of time roaming his own stores in random costumes to observe and interact with his customers. His greatest joy is a happy customer.
  • Our Hero (I called him Jack in the screenplay) - Our Hero is your average working man with a college degree that he can't use. He spent 6 years earning a Masters degree in Paleobotony and the best job he can find is working for the local post office. He is an outsider who hates his job and the town he lives in.

Basic Story:

Our main character has to go to the local Every-Mart for a few needed items at around 2:00AM on a Sunday night. While there, he makes a trip to the restroom. While in the restroom, a couple of store employees enter to dump something down the drain. The drain backs up, our hero slips on the sludge on the way out and is daised by the fall. He drives home in a state of confusion. The sludge enters his system and changes his DNA. The sludge happens to be a bad batch of a chemical used in the food and drinks of Every-Mart. This chemical is used to drug the customers and some employees of Every-Mart to be heavily suseptable to a subliminal messaging system being used by the store to make people dependent on Every-Mart and buy things. Our hero notices a defect in an item purchased from Every-Mart and returns to the store to complain. Our hero notices strange messages coming from all directions and sees things on the TV screen he didn't see before. In Act I of the game, our hero decides to shut down certain messaging systems in different departments of the store. Shutting down these systems open up new areas with clues to what is going on. In Act II of the game, our hero is now being pursued by store employees and management. They are now suspicious of him. After a boss fight, he has a way to get into the duct work of the store and investigate areas he didn't have access to before. The duct work is similar to the switching back and forth between light and dark worlds in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, where Link has to switch around to gain access to certain areas. It's a puzzle. At some point, our hero finds a room with a person being held prisoner. This person was also in the bathroom that night, but he complained about the sludge and the strange messages to management and was taken to a back room. This person teaches our hero a new power and gives him more information about what is going on. Our hero is caught in the cell and faces another boss fight. In Act III of our game, the store is on lock down. The alarms have been sounded and everything is in total chaos. A new enemy emerges, upper management, it is now very difficult to get around without having to fight off bad guys. Our hero is now trying to get to the main control room to shutdown the messaging and free everyone from Every-Mart. In the control room, he faces a final boss. After defeating the boss, our hero shuts off the messaging system and frees everyone from the store.

Back Story:

The Every-Mart chain was opened by a guy name John Orval Every (JOE), in the late 1900's. Mr. Every's dream was to build a store where every one loves to shop. He wanted a store where anyone could find every thing they needed at a fair price. With years of hard work, Mr. Every was getting closer to his dream. He noticed something was missing. He wanted people to even be able to find the things they imagined should exist but hadn't been invented yet, so he put his wealth into a Research and Development department where a team of scientists and engineers would work around the clock to invent a way to read the minds of customers as they wondered the store to find what they were looking for. The idea was to find out what people wanted that still needed to be invented and manufactured and then to build that item and direct the customer to where he or she could find it. The scientists and engineers had made some amazing breakthroughs and Mr. Every was ready to finally see his dream come true. Suddenly, the store announces a massive lay off. The service goes to crap. The products are restocked with cheaply manufactured junk and nearly expired produce. The prices go up. The strange thing is, the people just continue to shop at Every-Mart and nobody in the store complains. Then, a few employees and customers start to go missing. All investigations fail as investigators leave the store with a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread and a box of cherry chocolates and no more interest in the missing person case. No one has seen Mr. Every in months. After some time, the community adjusts and begins to forget the dream of Mr. Every and simply accepts Every-Mart the way it is.

INTRO ACT: Complaining to the manager

Jack driving to the store at 2AM Sunday night. The scene goes from main street to the parking lot of Every-Mart as Jack has a conversation with himself.

JACK: "Milk? Why is it always milk? I'm sure I have some at home. I don't need milk. Do I?"

Jack enters the store and P1 is instructed to head for the dairy section. Jack is approached by a man in a crazy Dr. Awesome Soda costume. The man hands him a free extra large soda (bladder buster) and tells Jack to slow down, enjoy his soda and browse around the store.

P1 is instructed to wonder around and explore. Jack forgets about his insane urge to buy milk.

JACK: "That's strange. I don't even remember why I came here. Most of this stuff is junk."

After finishing his soda, Jack needs to go to the restroom. P1 is instructed to find the restroom and do it quickly (possibly on a timer to force the player to move the game along). P1 is instructed to ask store employees or other customers where the restroom is. Using the hints, Jack finds the restroom or pees his pants in front of everyone and has to start the mission over.

Jack enters the restroom and finds an empty stall. Store employees dressed in hazardous waste uniforms enter the restroom with a barrel of some liquid.

EMPLOYEE 1: "Aren't we supposed to dump this in the waste drain in the back of the store?"
EMPLOYEE 2: "Yeah, but this is closer and I'm tired."

The employees dump the chemical down the drain and leave the restroom. You feel a rumbling under the floor. The chemical seems to be reacting with the other contents in the drain. Suddenly the sewage backs up and erupts violently from all of the toilets in the room, including the one Jack is sitting on. P1 sees from the goop splatter all over the room from the outside of the stall. Jack steps out of the stall dazed and confused and a little disgusted by the crap all over him. P1 is instructed to leave the store and head for the car. The controls have a lowered response time, and are randomly mixed to give P1 the drunken effect. The screen is also a little distorted. P1 takes Jack through the parking lot to his car. The scene then goes to driving gameplay where the control and view distortion continues and P1 navigates the vehicle to Jacks home. The car has a health meter that goes down each time Jack hits something. The scene goes black as P1 pulls into the driveway.

The scene opens up with Jack driving back to Every-Mart, having another conversation with himself.

JACK: "I'm going to have to complain….."

Jack enters the building and notices some strange messages that seem to be coming from the anti-theft detectors. He also hears strange messages coming from the speakers playing the music. He walks up to the customer service line. It's long, of course. P1 is put into a mini-game to get rid of other customers in the line and get to the front sooner. If P1 is successful at the mini-game, Jack will reach the desk and start up a dialog complaining.

JACK: "Last night your toilet exploded all over me and today I feel really strange and I keep hearing things! Also, my clothes are itchy and all my food that I bought here tastes rotten! What kind of place are you running here?

EMPLOYEE: "Sir, let me get my manager up here to deal with the matter."

The employee phones the manager and two big men show up at the desk.

BIG MAN 1: "Sir, if you would follow us, we'll try to get this matter sorted out."

P1 is instructed to follow the two big men. They go through a door in the back of the store in to a long hallway. Near the end of the hallway, they enter an empty room with only a table and a few chairs. The men have Jack sit down in one of the chairs and a dialog begins.

BIG MAN 1 AND BIG MAN 2: In this dialog the two guys interrogate Jack for information about what he knows and they let it slip that he's in big trouble.

As the two men are getting ready to take Jack to an uncertain doom, the store alarm sounds. The men run out, locking the door behind them. Jack is in the room alone. Just then he hears a sound in the vent.

VOICE: "Hey, up here. You are in big trouble. I can get you safe. Follow me."

P1 is then told to enter the ventilation system to escape. P1 walks to the vent and is instructed on how to get in. P1 is then instructed to follow the hints from the voice. In the ventilation system everything is black accept for the openings and mysterious red glowing eyes. P1 is told to follow the voice (go in the direction of the voice bubble). The voice will speak each time Jack gets to the location the bubble was in last. Near the end of this part of the game, the eyes will be getting closer until they start to move very fast towards Jack. Just before they reach him, the voice says, "watch out!" and a flashlight is turned on and aimed at the creature. Jack can now see that it is a huge, mutated, albino rat. The light only slows the rat down.

VOICE: "Hurry! You are not safe yet!"

P1 then moves Jack to the lighted opening and climbs through it. The scene then switches to a new room. Jack climbs down from the vent with the person who is helping him following after. The person turns out to be an old man dressed in a strange disguise. Jack then has a conversation with the old man.

JACK: "What was that thing? Who are you? And what is going on?"

OLD MAN: "That thing was a rat. A big one."

JACK: "I could see that. It seemed pretty irritated with the light."

OLD MAN: "It's eyes are very sensitive. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a flashlight in this store strong enough to stop it completely. This light only slows it down and there are rats all over in the ventilation system. I wouldn't recommend going up there again until we have the right kind of equipment."

JACK: "Why in the world would I want to go back up there again anyway?"

The old man then explains the situation and the real trouble Jack is in, convincing Jack that he has some work to do if he wants to stay alive. He needs to collect some items and tools from different parts of the store in order to repair the Every-Inventor machine enough to make the item he needs to combat the giant rats. Jack is reluctant, but he goes along with the plan, since he doesn't want to end up dead. He walks through the door in the room, finding himself back in the main part of the store where ACT 1 begins

ACT 1: Clear the area

Three main campaign departments.

  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Auto Supply

This act opens up with a cut scene where the evil scientist is told of Jack. Instead of chasing Jack down and ending his life, the scientist decides to sit back and observe. He wants to study the result of Jack's mutation.

For this ACT the player will have several missions to find parts and tools to repair the every-inventor. The main idea in each department is that the scientist sends subliminal messages to the shoppers and so the people act as obstacles in the way of the items Jack needs. He will need to solve puzzles to shut down the messaging systems in each department in order to get the the main part. In one department he could find a screwdriver that helps him to pick certain kinds of locks or something. In another department, he may pick up a remote controlled car to occupy the baddies guarding a switch or a ladder to get to a switch. In another department (electronics) you may need to get a high score on a demo game so the store clerk will leave his post and try to reclaim his honor as the guy with the highest score. We will need to discuss this ACT further.

After the messaging systems are turned off and you have collected some tools, you may need to face off against a BOSS FIGHT to get the part needed.

After the part and tools are retrieved, the old man repairs the Every-Inventor just enough to make a super flashlight. Of course, since the machine is not fully restored, the items that it makes will always have some glitch. The super flashlight has to be shaken to charge it. Each time it's charged, it can only be on for a certain number of seconds and then Jack will have to charge it again.

We then move into ACT 2 since Jack can now enter the ventilation system and not be eaten by the rats.

ACT 2:

Three main campaign departments.

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Experimental Gadgets
  • Biological War (Mutated animals and plants)

The cut scene here will have the scientist raving on about how Jack is pushing the limits of his patience. It's time to actively pursue him.

Now a new enemy will be roaming the store that Jack will have to avoid. We need to decide what happens when seen. Do we enter combat or do we simply flee to a hiding place?

The main objective of ACT 2 is yet to be decided…but it should just be more of the same from ACT 1 only different obstacles, the added enemies roaming to capture you and that sort of thing. Jack would need to collect certain tools and parts to repair the Every-Inventor just enough to move Jack along again. Maybe there is an obstacle or a baddie blocking the area that we need to be in to get to the main control room. We need another object from the Every-Inventor to get there.

ACT 3: Shut it down

The cut scene has the scientist is a rage. He sets off the alarms throughout the whole building. All of his henchmen are out to get Jack. He also uses the subliminal messaging system to put all the shoppers in a state of total panic. The store is in total chaos. Jack's objective now is to find the main control system and shut it down. When he reaches the location of the main controls, he will then face off against the evil scientist. By this time the Every-Inventor may be fully repaired and turn out to be the only tool that can defeat the scientist who has used the chemicals to mutate himself.

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