Subliminal Messaging and Personalized Medication

So we all get bombarded with requests to divulge any and all parts of our personal lives to random marketing schemes - Everything from our shopping habits, what we ate in the morning, what color of socks we wear on Tuesdays…

What if Every-Mart found a way to collect information on its customers completely behind the scenes - but rather than look at habits and eye-color, they went deeper and found a way to collect the very genetic makeup of its customers. Using this information, and their secret underground laboratories, they began experimenting with a new line of marketing and started producing mind altering drugs. I'm not quite sure on how they would collect the info, but maybe that is best left to the player's imagination(the knee jerk reaction is to play along the lines of something happening in the bathrooms like we already were kinda leaning towards… but um… yeah that might be a little too disturbing/disgusting with this concept).

However they did it, everymart has begun the next stage of their devious little plot and began a massive campaign of infecting its customers with their new found product. Each drug can now be custom made for maximum impact with minimal side-effects for "every-customer"(from the corporation's point of view anyways). The drug would do everything from making them have urges to get certain things at certain times, fell specific ways about what they got, and other such things that would make them want to keep coming back to Every-Mart. For everything.

With a twist like this, the subliminal messaging could take on a new role, not only working on getting more people initially hooked to them, but also serve as an update service for those that were already on Every-Mart's new marketing tool. Each instance of the drug could also have some kind of unique property embedded in it that would serve as a filter on the messages coming across the PA system and would allow every-mart to target specific "clients." For example, as a player, you just see customers randomly stop what they are doing and head for the nearest food outlet cause they have just been notified it is time for their booster. And since this is a game, we can start poking fun at crazy shoppers hell-bent on getting to aisle 12 in world record time not caring what or who they run over in their quest to get a fix(the drug isn't perfect yet, and on some people the effects could be extreme).

It could also work into why the sludge is being dumped down the drain - it was a bad batch but rather then sub-consciously tuning them into one specific message, this particular version made the patient capable of hearing all of the messages - even on a conscious level. Naturally this faulty batch would not do very much for accomplishing Every-marts goals of satisfying every customer so they would want to destroy it ASAP. It could also tie in to why you are no longer satisfied with your products from every-mart. Maybe all of the milk is a bit sour now, but nobody cares, in fact they love it cause it came from Every-Mart.("Its cheaper this way and its not like it'll kill anybody" - Every-Mart exec. on operation Not your mother's milk - in case you misinterpreted that, it was a play on the whole "things are different now than how they were in days gone by…" not something else).

This kind of background could also lend itself pretty easily to an easter-egg like feature where you could do something to try and tune in to what was coming across the airwaves - like some audible ping would sound and if you hit 'A' really fast it would filter out the message that was being delivered("Comrade 248934 - Report to the nearest sickbay immediately") and you would suddenly know why random customers would stop what they were doing and change their course in the middle of shopping.

This is just some random ideas I had for making more of a complete storyline that wouldn't really require much effort to implement and connect with game play. It also serves as a spoof on why some people are so hesitant to sign up for customer loyalty programs(I kid you not, this is the very fear a lot of people have that a company will know you so well they can predict or even affect what you will want from them by collecting information on you). Only in this version it is so transparent to the customers and so effective that nobody really realizes what is going on.

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